Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apple Coughs Up

Here at BDT, we've been following the story of the ongoing case between Apple and Nokia over patents which Nokia say that Apple used without authorisation. Well, today we have a conclusion and it seems the mighty Apple can be beaten! Apple have been ordered to pay an undisclosed one-off payment to Nokia, as well as ongoing royalties to cover the use of wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption technologies, which Apple is said to have unlawfully 'borrowed'.

This could mean HUGE things for Nokia. It's no secret that the Finnish manufacturer has suffered a downturn in profits lately, due in no small part to its reluctance to move away from its' outdated and largely maligned Symbian OS. The disappointing sales of the N8 handset, which with its 12-megapixel camera should have been a market leader, were largely accredited to operating system problems, but with the potential injection of cash from patents, Nokia's stock could now be on the up and up.

If they could release a handset in the vein of the N8's advanced hardware, but with a new and improved OS partly funded by Apple's royalties, they could produce a handset which would rival and exceed the popularity of the iPhone 4.

Now, wouldn't that be ironic?!

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