Monday, June 13, 2011

Can you really buy true love?

The latest in sex toys seems to be Roxxxy and Rocky, the True Companions or sex robots. To some this may be seen as a huge step towards a futuristic lifestyle with robots in every home to do menial tasks and provide a social life for those who struggle, but to me it is a very worrying development.

Roxxxy is being marketed, not as a sex doll, but as a companion, something you can experience a relationship with. In fact, the website even states that you can get frisky with her or have her provide you with "companionship and unconditional love." I wonder if this will lead to a generation who would rather find "love" with a robot than put the effort in to a relationship with another human being, whether it will lead to the fear of being knocked back or hurt becoming avoidable. The idea of a safe "relationship" where the other party is programmed not to argue or leave you is somewhat appealing to those of us who have experienced heartbreak, but surely a robot can never provide the true love that we get from that person who really and truly "gets" us?

What do you think? Will you be spending over 6 grand for a lover that can never leave or would you rather risk the pain for true love?

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