Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fat versus Insecure

Conversation at BDT HQ has turned to body confidence, weight and flashing. Just a normal day in the BDT office and, sadly, just another day to a lot of women.

Sparked by an offhand quote from a male friend of a writer, something about women above a certain weight being fat, the women at BDT are now either up in arms or heartbroken. We seem to have just two sides of the fence in the office: Those who love themselves, who feel gorgeous and sexy and think weight is irrelevant. And those who would do anything to lose the weight that they despise so much, feeling that if they can just shift that "extra stone" they'll be happy.

Of course the armchair psychologists dropped their 2 pence in, claiming that happiness comes from inside, that losing weight will make no difference because self acceptance is where it's at! But those suffering low self esteem just don't buy it.

What do you think? Does it matter what weight you are? What dress size? What about if it becomes a health concern? Are you proud of your body or are you hiding it away?

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