Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Green Carpet was Out!

The green carpet came out at Somerset House on Tuesday night to celebrate the official opening night of Shrek: The Musical starring Nigel Lindsay and Amanda Holden. The show has been in preview at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane since 6th May and reviews have been positive on the whole.

© Shrek the Musical
In case you've been buried under a rock and don't know the story of Mike Myers' green alter-ego, Shrek is an ogre whose swamp is taken over by other fairytale characters when they are banished from the Kingdom of Duloc by evil (and short) Lord Farquaad. When he goes to confront Farquaad, Shrek finds himself going on a quest to rescue a Princess. There is also a donkey.

After the surprise casting of Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona, critics have praised her for her energetic performance, Nigel Lindsay is, as ever, dependable as Shrek and Nigel Harman (Dennis off Eastenders) puts in a funny turn as Lord Farquaad - even while spending the whole show kneeling down!

The humour in the show is firmly aimed at a Simpsons-loving audience, but there is plenty to amuse the kids. Shrek is a definite addition to my must-see list!

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