Monday, June 27, 2011

High Street's Latest Financial Victim

High Street staple Jane Norman have closed their UK stores this weekend after financial problems have left them the latest victim of the so-called "credit crunch."

It seems that the late teens and twenty somethings have been more cash strapped than it may have first appeared and have cut back on their usual spending, though they may be convinced to splash out in the closing down sale!

Rumours abound of who may take over, Edinburgh Woolen Mill and Debenhams have both been linked to the store so it may be saved at the last moment, but with the rising price of raw materials and low sales figures it might not be a wise move for them to jump onto this sinking ship.

As it stands, the administrators are in and stock is being sold off at rock bottom prices in an effort to pay the outstanding bills, and the store that has been on the Great British High Street since 1952 is set to leave another gaping hole in this BDTers heart!

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