Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is The Wimbledon sandwich cream of the crop?

Summer is upon us the tennis is in full swing what could be nicer than strawberries and cream?


Well, Tesco's appears to have taken this one step further and is serving up The Wimbledon - a strawberry and clotted cream sandwich.

Chopped strawberries are mixed with strawberry jam and a smear of clotted cream all served up between two slices of poppy seed bread.

Tesco sandwich developer Kathryn Bettles said: "We wanted to create an iconic feel-good sandwich treat that evoked a classic feeling of summertime.

"And no food is as evocative of British summer or puts a smile on people's faces more than strawberries and cream.

"Our challenge was to make the whole sandwich hold together but, by using clotted cream together with a small dollop of strawberry jam, it works very well."

The Wimbledon  is priced at £1.  However I saw scores of them reduced down to just 40p at my local store.  It was no use I couldn't resist a gimmick and and in the name of research I decided I just had to try one  The verdict was it wasn't quite as bad as I feared, but it the end it was just a creamier fruitier jam sandwich. Nothing special really.

What was shocking was that it contained a whopping 435 calories, nearly a quarter of a woman's recommended daily calorie intake.

Whilst this is probably similar to the calories that would be in a bowl of the fresh fruit and cream, I know which I would prefer game set and match!

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