Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Perfect BDT Brew Break Treat

BDT HQ is full of the female kind, give or take a couple of beautiful blokes including our Horticultural Writer and resident Chef. In between the dieters and the health nuts there are those who just lurve food and revel in it's marvellousness. However, there is one thing we all agree is necessary for consumption when it hits our office desks. Oh yes, we do love a bit of the Krispy Kreme. 

Drool away!

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The infamous Krispy Kreme was originally sold in North Carolina in 1937 after Vernon Rudolph bought the recipe off a chef from New Orleans. The scrumptious snacks were an instant hit, people wanted them fresh, warm and baked on the day; their demand was met and the warm glazed Krispy Kreme was born. Today the doughnuts are sold all over the world and are arguably the epitome of doughnutage. 

Our box above contained the gorgeous Coconut Ice, the sensationally sparkly Creme Brulee, Chocolate-Iced with Sprinkles (for the mini BDTers), Lemon Meringue Pie and well, eight more. Because we had to buy a dozen, that's the only way to do Krispy Kreme, right?

If you live in London, you can get your treats delivered to your door using the online ordering service, but sadly, if you live outside the big smoke you'll have to take a trip to your nearest stockist to pick up your Kremes. 

Which is your favourite Krispy Kreme?

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