Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ryan Giggs, Sex Addict?

It's out. Not only has the bloke been putting it about with Imogen Thomas but his eight year affair with his brother's wife was outed last week too. Ryan Giggs has been one hell of a naughty boy and with more women crawling out of the woodwork it seems that the once-family-man is battling for the top of the infidelity heights with those sleezy greats including Tiger Woods, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole. 

But a Sex Addict? Really? We think not.

Are we becoming, as a society, a little too accepting (complaisant even) of conditions such as this as a celebrity culture? He's cheated and now the world knows and he needs an excuse. Is he really Rock 'n' Roll enough to be playing the Sex Addict card? Surely shying away from the media to the point of ball retraction suggests that really, Giggsie needs to man up. 

Crying to the wife and opting for some PR stunt therapy really isn't winning us over in the BDT office. 

Quit kicking balls until you've grown a pair. 

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