Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tesco Real Food - Cooking With Kids

One of the best ways to get kids involved and taking responsibility for their own healthy eating, is by encouraging them to learn how to cook. The new Tesco Real Food site has a whole section devoted to 'Cooking with Kids' and there are dozens of recipes on the site, as well as other healthy eating resources, such as tips on how to ensure kids get their five-a-day. The thing that really has us BDT-ers impressed is that it's not just the usual homogenised rubbish that other companies aim at kids, it's real food, and it's diverse too. Tesco Real Food want your kid to eat vegetable curry, home-made burgers and cheese and ham muffins.
It's nice to see a major retailer taking their responsibilities seriously when it comes to eating well, and the fact that you can shop from ingredients right from the recipe page is a real bonus. There are even recommendations and FSA guidelines to make sure your child is getting the right kind of milk.

We commend Tesco for their Cooking With Kids page, and look forward to seeing even more recipes, hints and tips from them.

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