Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trendy Monkeys - Harmless Fun or Bordering on Child Abuse?

Here at BDT, there's not much that shocks us, but news of 'Trendy Monkeys Kids Salon and Fun Parlour' in Brentwood, Essex has got us all reeling. The salon, owned by single mum-of-two Michelle Devine, offers spray tans, make-overs, facials and fake tattoos to children from the age of ONE.

Is it just us, or is this massively inappropriate? We're well aware of the fact that kids love to play dress up or copy their parents, with many little girls owning make-up and high heels, but surely encouraging spray tans and manicures is beyond ridiculous?

Given the fact that the over-sexualisation of children has been in sharp focus this week, after the Government backed plans to ensure appropriateness of children's clothing, we're shocked that there are parents out there who will willingly expose children to beauty procedures which should be strictly restricted to over-18's. Child Welfare officer, Shy Keenan, is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying 'This is outrageous - it is giving children a complex about the way they look from the age of one.'

The thing that really blows our minds is how parents can look at their beautiful, natural children, and wonder if they'll look better with an orange San Tropez glow? One thing is for sure, we won't be taking any of our mini-BDTers for a make-over any time soon.

We'd love to hear what you think about all of this. Is this a step too far, or do you think it's just natural self expression?

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