Monday, July 4, 2011

Anniversary Baby for Beckhams?

The Beckhams are celebrating 12 years together today as it’s their wedding anniversary! But this anniversary is extra special as today is also the date Victoria picked for her planned caesarean of her baby girl.

We at BDT wish the Beckhams all the best and cannot wait to see their first daughter! But what name will she pick? Some of us are listing names of bridges (anyone like the name Clifton Suspension?) or perhaps something related to their anniversary (Silk is traditional here in the United Kingdom) we won’t know for a while!

The choosing to opt for a caesarean has also caused a lot of discussion within the BDT Team. Some say she’s playing God by choosing the date she wants her child born when there are no health issues to stop her having a natural birth, others don’t seem too bothered about it. Do you think planning for a caesarean birth is okay or is this just a matter of being too posh to push?

Tell us your thoughts!

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