Saturday, July 9, 2011

EDL Descend on Cambridge

So, today sees the self-appointed 'English Defence League' (EDL) decend on Cambridge, for a protest march which will last two hours. These marches are notoriously violent, disruptive and costly, with Cambridgeshire Police sending more than 670 officers to the march route. There have already been reports of broken bottles and beer cans being launched at the attending officers, as a sort of makeshift missile, and local residents are hugely dismayed that the march is allowed to go on.

Using the #EDL hashtag on Twitter, us BDT'ers have already seen such tweets as

"All bins around counter-protest 'temporarily closed'. Scary "

"Seems like a fine day to be visiting Halifax. Think we'll stay out of the town centre. "

and "Hear from pals in Cambridge that the are having one of their grim little gatherings. Scumbags everywhere."

What is most terrifying though, is that many of these people don't even seem to know what they're even protesting against. Here's a video which was posted to YouTube of a TV interview with an EDL member, and if it wasn't so horrifying, it would almost be funny.

Given that the interviewee can barely speak English himself, does he really have an argument against immigrants? This level of ignorance and bigotry seems to be endemic in the UK, and since 9/11 it seems as though it's almost sanctioned, like it's okay to hate Muslims because of what Osama Bin Laden and his MINORITY have done.

Let me ask you this, EDL members, would it be okay to hate all Germans because of what Hitler did? Because let me tell you, the Holocaust was more hideous than your tiny minds can comprehend.

BDT has a strong anti-racist stance, and we hope this 'English Defense League' nonsense gets nipped in the bud.

England did NOT appoint these people to defend them.

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