Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HP Recruit Russell Brand For Tongue-In-Cheek Adverts.

If there's one thing that Apple do well, it's selling to the masses. If there's one thing that HP do well it, er, well, taking the mickey out of itself! Despite calling their entry onto the tablet market the 'HP Touchpad', they've made a point of letting us know that they don't expect their device to be a new pretender to the iPad crown, so why even bother trying? In a series of videos, they've recruited Essex funnyman Russell Brand to talk about their device in his usual irreverent and strangely baroque way, lending a hilarious feel to their marketing plan.

So, the Touchpad doesn't have a little apple on the back? Who cares, if you've got a 'Robot Butler'?! As a sidenote, WebOS is an incredible operating system, deserving of a bit more fanfare, but we really admire the way HP is handling this campaign. And a certain BDT Editor is certainly enjoying the extended facetime from Mr. Brand!

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