Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love Her or Loathe Her?

Love her or loathe her? As Dara quite rightly said in the after-show last night, Melody Hossaini the latest victim of Lord Sugarplum’s Apprentice wrath is indeed a lot like Marmite – you either love her or loathe her.

The audience voted fairly unanimously in approval of her being fired however I fear even the Sugarplum fairy himself wasn’t happy with the result. Following what was generally considered a pretty abysmal performance from Natasha & Co Lord Sugarcube did something completely against his usual rules and FINED them £100 for... well... basically being stupid. They utterly missed the point of the task which was to sell stuff then reinvest and he made it pretty darned clear that if the teams were left with stock at the end of the task that was fine because it showed that they had reinvested with the intention of making more money, but Ms Scribbins didn’t want to play with the boys and girls on that task and didn’t bother, much to Sugarcube’s annoyance.

Shame actually, because even with the £100 fine they still won the task if only by a gnat’s whisker (do gnats HAVE whiskers?) which ultimately led to Melody being the unfortunate soul who bore the target of the firing rifle this week.

A brief straw poll of opinions from the BDT bods shows that she certainly wasn’t a favourite to win in our office however you have to give props to the girl for what she’s achieved. She’s a co-founder of the UK Youth Parliament which is generally considered one of the most successful youth democratic bodies in the world (according to her LinkedIn profile anyway) and as a result has won a series of awards including Outstanding Achievement at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in 2009 and the Woman of the Future Award in 2008. She was also offered a place at the Oxford Institute for Legal Practice but turned it down, instead choosing to work for the National Youth Agency as a project officer so love her or loathe her she’s certainly got an impressive list of achievements for someone so young.

One thing which was a slight annoyance to some is her confident and outspoken demeanour which many saw as her being too strong willed and pushy however she dropped her guard a wee tiny ickle bit on the after-show-show last night and admitted that having been involved in training and communications for so many years she’s been kind of forced to ‘keep up appearances’ and not let her vulnerability show. Come on Melody, drop the tough act and let your softer side show, this isn’t the 1980’s, we don’t wear big shoulder padded suits, there’s no power struggle anymore and women don’t have to prove they’re as capable in business as the boys. Do they?...

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