Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg switches allegiance?!

If a certain statistic website is to be believed, Mark Zuckerberg, you know, the guy who made facebook, is the most popular user of Google+.

This begs some pretty substantial questions, surely? If the CEO, founder and all round big boss of all things Facebook is leaping shamelessly onto Google's new social networking site, surely we should all be following suit and abandoning those familiar blue pages for something less colourful?

Is this a sign that Facebook's ship is sinking? Has it hit the proverbial iceberg? Are we all being told that it's an unsinkable ship when, in actuality, the main man is running for a life boat to ensure the safe return of is social networking life?

One thing's for sure; Google plus is, so far, taking the geek world by storm, combining the best of twitter and facebook and allowing users to choose exactly who they share with. So maybe Google are tapping into Zuckerberg's well known geekery and sent him an invite to cause a stir, but it may be a huge PR mistake on his part to have joined a force that may well bring about his downfall.

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