Thursday, July 7, 2011

News of the World Surrender

In the last few minutes it has been announced that the News of the World is closing. In fact, this Sunday's paper will be the very last edition of what has become one of the most controversial newspapers ever.

After allegation after allegation of phone hacking and bribing police, the paper has been abandoned by the vast majority of its advertisers and, facing legal enquiries and public hatred, is turning off the presses for good.

The BDT office is already awash with talk and opinions on the story. Some are pleased that an allegedly morally lacking operation is closing, where others are angry that they are "getting off lightly" after what they have, allegedly, put people through.

Obviously the story won't end on Sunday, even though the paper will no longer exist those who, allegedly, signed off on phone hacks will still have to face the music, or we hope they do. But surely this is, at the very least, proof that the public, and indeed advertisers, will no longer stand for immorality in the press.

What do you think? Are the News of the World right to wrap things up? Or do you think this is the easy way out?

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