Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Shot Cruise

Any fans of Lee Child's fiction will recognise the name of Jack Reacher, a former US Army Police Major who, since leaving the Army, wanders the US lands to explore what he never really knew before, having been born on a military base. 

In all, there has been 15 Jack Reacher novels, penned by Child (the pen name of Jim Grant) and now, it seems as though he's about to be immortalised in film. Despite the fact that in the books, he's a 6' 5" unstoppable machine, in the film(s), Reacher will be portrayed by Tom Cruise - certainly not a towering hard nut, but Child commends the decision to have Cruise as the lead role, saying that Reacher's height is a "metaphor for an unstoppable force" - something Cruise has been accustomed to in previous roles and something he may well be able to deliver successfully. 

The first film is based on Child's 'One Shot' - a fantastic piece of fiction that I hope will be portrayed successfully. It'd be a shame to see another book adaptation gone wrong. As there has been so many novels, it also has the potential to create sequels. We'll see what happens. 

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  1. I love these books interesting to see how the film turns out.


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