Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pottermore Registration Begins - Are You In?

Today marks the first day of registration for early access to the long-awaited Pottermore, a Harry Potter themed website which is still largely shrouded in mystery. No one really knows what Pottermore will behold, but millions of fans are still scrabbling for a piece of the action. Two lucky BDT-ers managed to register in time and receive their unique user names and will be patiently waiting for up to several weeks to receive their log-in details for the site.

Registration will be open for a short period every day for the next week, until the site opens to the public in October and the few lucky ones who are able to claim a pre-registration place will have a chance to explore Pottermore before the masses decend. Here at BDT, we've been discussing what we think Pottermore will be and the general consensus (or maybe general hope) is that JK Rowling will use the site to give even more detail and backstory to the already rich Potter universe.

According to the Harry Potter superfan site,, "A big note: the welcome letters can come to fans anytime after the Magical Quill challenge, starting August 7 to September 30, 2011, and the first million to respond to those welcome emails will be the first to test the beta site. If you receive the welcome email after the first million have been chosen, you will have to wait until October 2011, the official opening of, to gain access."

So, tell us, did you get in? What do you think Pottermore will be? Or are you among the cynical factions who think that us Potter fans are simply loons who are way too emotionally invested in a children's book? Either way, you can't deny that Sony has managed to drum up even more intrigue from an already absorbing franchise and we can't wait to get our log-in details! We promise to share any Pottermore news as soon as we receive it.

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