Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tesco Real Food: Real Help for Families on a Tight Budget

All of us mums at BDT try our very best to food plan, we really, really do. But sometimes it goes awry, you know, when it's been a tough day or we've forgotten to get meat out of the freezer, but for the most part we're quite good. Meal planning can be a big help in both keeping healthy food on the menu and also keeping the costs down on the weekly shop, but sometimes the plans tend to look the same and we end up eating the same old things over and over.

BDT HQ have recently started using the Tesco Real Food website, in particular their section for making family meals on a budget, and this has gone some way to increase our cooking repertoires! There are dozens of recipes there from starters and salads to desserts and the great thing is all of them can feed a family of four for just £5.

When you select a dish and click through, alongside the recipe you also get a per-portion breakdown of costs, so if you have to size up or down for your own family, you still have a handle on what it is costing you. What's also great for us is that many of us are Tesco shoppers, so can click through right next to the recipe and add those ingredients to our online shopping baskets. Snazzy. 

A couple of dishes that have really caught our eye are Greek Pasta Salad (£1.15 per portion), Baked Thai Crab Cakes (98p per portion) and the child-pleasing Crunchy Parmesan Fish Fingers (93p per portion).

Crunchy Parmesan Fish Fingers

Alongside the recipes provided by Tesco there is also a section for users to upload their own budget recipes, using the service (you may remember them as one of the successful Dragon's Den candidates a few years ago). These recipes don't, unfortunately, contain the per portion cost figures, but looking at some of them, such as the homemade chicken nuggets and the apple crumble, it would be easy enough to price up the basic ingredients before you shop.

To find out more about Tesco Real Food visit the website, or catch up with them on Facebook.

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