Friday, August 5, 2011

Playbook gives the iPad a run for its money

Well there's something I never thought I'd get to type! Since the iPad was launched Apple's power over all things geek seems to have become unshakable. People have queued through all weather to get their hands on Apple products, they rave about them on social networks and they love them like their own children! But the times they are a changing, and there's a new kid on the block!

Blackberry launched their Playbook with an ingenius advertising campaign that had us at the BDT office chuckling every time we saw it! The theme tune to "Flash Gordon" combined with some, not so, sly digs at the iPad made sure we all knew that it could do things that Apple couldn't!

And now, only 4 months after its launch in the US, the Playbook has become the number 1 geek search term according to, who have seen the Playbook increase in popularity to finally give Apple a real rival in the tech market.

So is this the end of Apple? We don't think so, but maybe it will force them to work a little bit harder now they've got competition!

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