Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tesco Invites You To Create Your Own Sausage!

Have you ever come up with a flavour combination and thought to yourself "Now that would make a great sausage?!" Well, with Tesco Finest's new competition, you could see your daydreams become a reality with their competition to create your own sausage!

The guidelines are "The winning sausage needs to fit with the Finest* range, so think about quality, freshness, provenance and a great tasting combination of flavours" and entries must consist of up to three ingredients that would be added to a British pork sausage to make a fantastically flavourful offering.

Here at BDT we've been doing some brainstorming and we think that a pork sausage with chili, garlic and ginger would be fab, and even considered something a bit more out there like pork and plum.

The winner of the competition will be involved in development, working with the Chef at Midshire Foods in Leicester, as well as having the illustrious honour of having their face on the packaging when their sausages hit the shelves!

Head over to the Tesco Real Food site now for more details on how to enter. Good luck to everyone, we can't wait to taste the winning banger!

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