Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walkers Sunbites: The tasty wholegrain crispy snack

Walkers Sunbites, the tasty wholegrain crispy snack, have added two brand new flavours to their range. Lightly Sea Salted and Cheddar and Caramelised Onion have joined their Sweet Chilli, Sour Cream and Onion and Rosemary cousins in a line-up of ‘natural flavours that charm your taste buds’.

Need to shift the pounds you put on in cocktails over the summer holidays? Attempting to start your Christmas-do diet early? Yeah, we are too. BDT thoroughly recommends picking up a pack of Sunbites. Your standard 25g bag contains just 120 calories - 6 per cent of an adult’s Guideline Daily Allowance (GDA) - but as they are brimming with flavour, you really would never guess.  

If you are more concerned by content than calories, you’ll be as pleased as we were to hear that Sunbites are true to their tagline. The ‘Wholegrain Crispy Snack’ really is just that with an impressive 67 per cent wholegrain content, made up of whole corn, whole wheat and Quaker® whole oat flour. That’s an impressive one third of your recommended daily intake of wholegrain. Say goodbye to baddies, Sunbites contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

As the BDT girls are making and effort to add more wholegrain our diets, we love the ‘How to get Wholegrain into your Diet’ section of the Sunbites website. Sunbites are more than just a healthy substitute for your regular packet of crisps; crush them over your salad for an interesting texture or snap over your soup for an autumn alternative

A taste innovation, the wholegrain adds a sweeter dimension to the snack. While the crisp, yet particularly crunchy texture makes these snacks one on their own. We found it easy to enjoy Sunbites without feeling as though they are attempting to replace a much tastier, bad-for-you alternative.

The extended range of flavours means there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. While we enjoyed the delicacy of the new Lightly Sea Salted Sunbites, the other four really were a flavour sensation. Unlike many low fat products, this is a snack which does not compromise on taste and the contemporary flavours aptly match the butterfly-laced, voguish finish of the packaging.

Give them a try by heading over to the Sunbites Facebook Fan Page and grabbing a free bag off Auntie Aggie. She’s not going to give up without a fight though; those Sunbites are worth the battle. If they’re good enough for Rebecca Ferguson, they’re good enough for us girls at BDT.

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