Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Weighty Issue!

Weight; come on, who can honestly hand on heart say that they don't have a issue with theirs? Be it that you feel you are too skinny or even too fat, a bit extra around the waist, or your cankles you disapprove of, we all have something we don't like.

Over at BDT weight is a constant discussion point for us all, we are a woman heavy team so it is very rare that a day doesn't go by were the talk of diet. Between us we follow Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lighter Life and a do it yourself.

But why is it we strive for perfection so much? We have all read and seen that the magazines airbrush celebs photos.

The nations average dress size is now a 14, so in fact we are normal and we consistently push ourselves to become something that is abnormal!

I myself after baring two rather heavy boys have received, stretch marks an extra two inches around the hips and, dare I say it, saggy breasts. Would I return my boys to get my old body back? Hell no. They give me hours of laughter each and every day and whilst I still have a husband that loves me, why should I care?

So do I ditch the diet and live my life to the full instead? Can I not just live in Bridget Jones' and wear scaffolding for a bra? Only I can decide the weight that I am happy with, however at some point we all need to remember that every now and again that slice of cake or bar of chocolate is just what the Doctor ordered. So kick back relax and remember you are normal.

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