Monday, October 10, 2011

Ikea's Manland

Contrary to popular stereotype, not all women enjoy shopping. In fact some of us will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it however we can’t escape the turgid image of the women out shopping in her high heels and picture perfect hair with the grumpy hunched up man in tow who is bored out of his batter and would rather be in the pub.

Well IKEA have solved this troubling dilemma by creating Manland. Yes that’s right, Manland. Their Sydney store in Australia has come up with a nifty solution to the problem of bored fellas by creating a cr√®che designed specifically for men. It features comfy sofas, flat screen TVs, table football and hotdogs to keep the fellas entertained while the womenfolk go off and do the shopping duties in peace and quiet without having to feel the daggers of infuriation in the back of their heads.

But hang on; this doesn’t really flatter either of the sexes does it. It reinforces the gender stereotype that women enjoy shopping and men don’t; a view which would have staunch feminists up in hairy arms (feminists don’t wax do they, or is that another typecast?). However it doesn’t do the men of our species any favours either because it’s insinuating that they’re like babies who need a distraction so they don’t run riot in the store.

The metrosexuals of our generation must be hanging their heads in dismay at this creation. No longer do we survive in a world where men have no say in the decor and furniture-buying for our homes, men have an equal say in how their hard equal-earned pounds are spent and perhaps like many they enjoy the traipse around IKEA thanks to the reward of a hotdog at the end of it. Heck, it’s the only reason I’m ever willing to go.

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