Thursday, October 27, 2011

You'd be hopping MaD to miss it!

BDT's Theatre Writer, JoJo Kirtley recommends a show not to be missed in Manchester.

On Tuesday night, JoJo had the utmost pleasure of seeing MaD Theatre Company’s latest production, The Demise and Rise of Bunny Lamar. MaD is a unique theatre company who are, without a doubt- amazing and certainly push the boundaries of modern theatre in Manchester.
Uber excited after seeing the show, JoJo had to let us all at BDT know how fantastic it was and she urges anyone in Manchester to go and see the production, which follows the story of the Bunny Lamar's acting school and their own version of Bugsy Malone with a twist. The cast and crew have clearly worked hard and all of the actors are local talent from MaD's own drama classes.
Set in Bury, The Demise and Rise of Bunny Lamar is hilariously entertaining and truly fabulous; you'd be hopping MaD to miss it!

Tickets are on sale via ticketline for Friday and Saturday, 28th & 29th October, at Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester City Centre.

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