Thursday, November 10, 2011

All I want for Christmas is... a TOPSHOP hamper!

Yes, you read that right; the high street fashion retailer, TOPSHOP's latest announcement means that it won't just be mince pies and bevvy that are making the hamper-cut this year. 

From 13 November until 24 December 2011 customer's can say 'goodbye' to Christmas shopping stress as the TOPSHOP style advisors, at selected stores, handpick items for the hampers in accordance with the buyers instruction. Customers must spend a minimum of £200, however the total cost will vary depending on the value of the hamper. But when all you have to do is pick it up, surely this is a god-send for anyone who is close to a devoted fashionista?

Following the buyer's once over, each item is individually gift-wrapped and boxed up like treasure ready for the grand opening on Christmas morning. 

Sounds like a BDT dream come true. Will this be going on your list this year? Are you lucky enough to be receiving one? We want to hear from you. Contact BDT with your TOPSHOP hamper pics and story.

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