Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marc Jacobs: Dakota Fanning campaign banned in UK

It is only a mere few months since, our previous fashion writer, Nikki Lennon wrote an article for BDT on the Jack Willis' fashion scandal that was deemed too risqué for public eyes. 

Marc Jacobs is the latest designer to have their ads deemed unsuitable, as the British Advertising Standards Authority has banned UK use of the current Dakota Fanning Oh Lola! advertisements. 

It is reported that the ASA acknowledge Dokota Fanning to be 17, however it is not clear within the images that she is of the age of consent. This is conjunction with her short, sheer dress and a suggestively-placed oversized perfume bottle, has led the Agency believe that the campaign has done enough to be deemed to sexualise a child. 

Coty, the Marc Jacob's perfume manufacturer defended the campaign, according to the Guardian, by saying that the ad showed no 'private body parts or sexual activity'. In addition, the model was in no way 'inappropriately sexualised' nor was she under-age. 

It is no secret that Jacob's is a huge fan of Dakota Fanning; the child-star famously modelled his range at the young age of 12 years-old. Is this ASA decision more than it seems? Is it time for designers to stop targeting children and turning them into adults before their time?  What are your views on this particular campaign?

Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs Spring 2007

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